Dream Wyoming is Our Retirement & New Lifestyle

In 2017 we started talking about retiring and where we would live. Would we stay in Barrington Illinois, a suburb of Chicago or would we move? Where could we go? Wherever it was we wanted another ranch home and we wanted space!

our Golden Retrievers are part of the reason we are moving to WyomingThis is the story of how we decided to leave our current home and move to a 36-acre parcel of land in a gated community just west of Laramie, Wyoming. Follow the journey as we choose and buy a lot, find a ranch house plan to build, and ultimately leave our home of 23 years.

We’ll be documenting the build in photos and video from foundation dig all the way to moving into our ranch house.

Our 36-acre mini ranch is located in the popular in Wild Horse Ranch gated community by Sheep Mountain. We have 3800 acres of federal land behind ours, a huge reservoir, hiking trails up the mountain and plenty of outdoor fun to be shared with our pack of Golden Retrievers.